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BiziShop - bizitalker - 03-27-2013 11:41 AM

BiziShop will be one of the integral parts of the new Bizitalk website launching soon where no commissions or listing fees will be charged. Your BiziShop will also be linked to BiziShop Boards on Pinterest to give you extra exposure and Members will be able to pin their products across. We have made a start on Pinterest and as the site grows the number of BiziTalk Pinterest boards will proliferate to incorporate the multitude of goods and services of the Members.

Opening up another platform to help our very trendy BiziTalkers! Wink

(Think this trending mullarkey at 7.15am is a bit much guys - nearly spilt me muesli. Can we start at a more civilised hour? Ed.) Sad

Follow us on Pinterest and get in at the start!