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The Bizitalk Team - bizitalker - 02-01-2013 02:17 PM

The Bizitalk team is expanding and now consists of @BiziTalk @Bizitweet @Bizitrading @BiziShop @BiziCars @BiziVans @PromptPayer

We retweet #bizitalk tweets as much as we can, 7 days a week, to promote and support small business.

The Bizitalk community is growing quickly and over 30 million #bizitalk tweets now reach over 4 million followers each day (5.57 million is the most) and trends in the UK regularly.

Inserting #bizitalk in your tweets will spread your message to a great many people. Never forget - sales is a numbers game - the more who see you, the more you will sell!

New BiziTalk website coming soon. Ed. Wink