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Fitz2Kleen - Cleaning Company - bizitalker - 04-02-2012 09:55 AM

Fitz2kleen are a family run carpet, upholstery and property cleaning company in Coventry specialising in end of tenancy and pre tenancy cleaning of all types of property as well as private dwellings.

We work across Coventry and Warwickshire for many private landlords, letting agents, student letting companies and private premises.

Our staff are also fully trained and qualified fire and flood restoration technicians and are on call 24hrs a day should you require these services.

Using professional high pressure hot water extraction machines and industry leading chemicals, your carpets will be hygienically deep cleaned making them look and smell great and prolonging their life.

Whether its a single room or a whole house rest assured you will
receive excellent service and excellent results. We stand by our reputation and the many testimonials we have received.

We also run a popular Handyman Service for all those jobs where you need to get a man in - or a woman of course!


RE: Fitz2Kleen - Cleaning Company - bizitalker - 04-02-2012 10:32 AM

Can confirm that Fitz2Kleen come highly recommended and we are happy to put them forward as an Approved Supplier for Prompt Payer members. Look at their website for more details of what they do and how they do it! A great example of a great family run business who can be trusted to carry out the work efficiently, professionally, to schedule and for a fair price. (And if you pay them on time as well then we'll all be HAPPI !) Wink

RE: Fitz2Kleen - Cleaning Company - bizitalker - 04-02-2012 12:22 PM

You won't go wrong if you follow @fitz2kleen on twitter. They follow back and retweet regularly on the #bizitalk group. Excellent contact to have and a great sense of humour too. Which we all need in business! Smile