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Pure Vans - bizitalker - 08-12-2011 11:10 AM

Dave Greenhaf, MD of Pure Vans, has been in the motor trade for over fifteen years. This has enabled the company to focus upon extraordinary deals for our customers due to the special relationships made with manufacturers over the years. Our customers range from a business looking for one van to fleet purchases.

We promise that all our commercials will have huge savings for our customers and will be offered at the best financial deals available.

Choose from any make or model available on our website. If you have a specific van in mind which is not on our website, contact us, and we will strive to source it at the best price.

We offer a complete range of services from purchase, to sign writing, colour van wrapping, refrigeration, glass carrying equipment, ply lining, tow bars, roof racks and much more.

Pure Vans is committed to bestowing a premium quality of service for the duration you own the vehicle, not just at the purchase. Our knowledgeable sales team are just an e-mail or telephone call away.


RE: Pure Vans - bizitalker - 08-30-2011 02:38 PM

Dave informs us they have taken delivery of over 30 vans for customers to go out on September 1st. If you're looking for a great deal you won't beat these guys! Ed.