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Update 8th April: After 19 days #bizitalk is returning twitter stats the envy of many, outperforming other long standing hashtag signatures. Testimonials are arriving thick and fast amidst countless reports of increased followers, leads gained and sales made. Above all it is proving to be a superb new networking platform for small UK businesses. Which is how Bizitalk originated.

In business you get out what you put in. There's no free lunch. Engage with other Bizitalkers, talk to them and retweet them if you think it appropriate and your business exposure will grow rapidly. Just enter #bizitalk on your tweets and you'll enjoy getting up in the morning!

Update 9th April: Traffic is increasing extremely rapidly and @bizitalk cannot keep up with Retweets. They are frequent visitors to twitter 'jail' and have to avoid that if possible. All Bizitalkers must RT each other as much as they possibly can then the circle builds exponentially. We have already had 45 million impressions under the #bizitalk hashtag. At this rate we will reach 100 million later this month. Evidence of deals done, trades made, partnerships forming already as well as huge follower uptake and average of 3X increase hits to websites and better google rankings. All going well - hang on for the ride! We'll support you 7 days a week.

Update 12th April: #bizitalk was trending today.

15th May Update: Can report that the #bizitalk hashtag is now generating circa 5 million messages a day to over a million followers which is giving a huge voice to small businesses who otherwise might be only reaching a few dozen or hundreds of followers. There is ample evidence of new business gained and and it has already spawned the first face to face #bizitalk networking meeting to be held in Coventry on 28th May. With over 150 unsolicited testimonials a simple hashtag is proving to be a very powerful business tool on the twitter platform. If you have any doubts as to the efficacy of a business twitter presence I suggest this should dispel them. ‏ @drinksuk
@Bizitalk - our success is down to you - we have just smashed 1000 followers in only 72 hours of twitter thanks to everyone on #bizitalk ‏ @drinksuk
@bizitalk it truly is amazing and some sort of celebration is in order #wine or #champagne or both? #bizitalk

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@cwriter80 @bizitalk - I only knew team in office on Tues, now thanks to #bizitalk I know you and over 1000 others :-)

Headline news. Hold all the front pages. That has got to be a record for an sme company to hit 1000 followers in 72 hrs. Glad #bizitalk was there for you. Ed.
Retweeting other bizitalkers is extremely important. That's how it's growing so quickly and gets your message out to so many followers. As of 14th April those followers are averaging 440,000 daily and rising. Whenever you tweet please retweet at least 2 or 3 times so everyone benefits! The more retweets, the more exposure, the more followers, and the more sales!! It's very simple

Thank you Paul for another very informative blog. Ed
6th June. Over 4 million messages sent via 1500 #bizitalk tweets to 780,000 followers. Another record day!
2nd July Over 5.2 million messages sent to over 1.2 million followers.
Oliver Walker ‏ @theoliverwalker #bizitalk is OWNING Twitter right now... RT if you're digging the way little acorns grow on this social media platform. GO #bizitalk

Posted whilst #bizitalk was trending for four hours on 3rd July. The 3 B's! Bob Diamond. Barclays. Bizitalk. 1,2,3. Not bad for something that's been going for 14 weeks. Small business voices getting louder!
31st July

#bizitalk is now trending on twitter regularly and reaching 1.2 million followers with up to 5 million messages with every 1500 #bizitalk tweets - statistics being described as astonishing by those in the know on social media. Two #bizitalk meetings have already taken place in Coventry, with a third set for September, all arranged by local Bizitalkers with free entry, no rules or regulations, just keeping the democratic nature and spirit of Bizitalk for small businesses to help, support and promote each other. It's going well!
Trending #bizitalk
Today, 17th August, has been a record day for #bizitalk. 1500 #bizitalk tweets sent 7.3 million impressions to 1.3 million followers whilst the hashtag was trending solidly for 5 hours from 10.30 - 3.30. If that isn't a way to get your message out to a much wider audience for nothing I don't know what is! And the day isn't over yet - it'll be busy until about 11pm. Happy tweeting!!

And on Monday 20th it trended for five hours again.

On Tuesday 21st it set a record for the number of tweets sent with one every 7 seconds for a prolonged period.
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