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Liz @ Smiley Petz ‏@smileypetz
How did I let nearly 4000 people know about my business in a few months for FREE! Easy; i joined TWITTER and used the #hashtag #bizitalk
Hi! REALLY impressed with Bizitalk. Use it quite a bit with the Kennet Leasing Twitter page - gets some good, friendly (and not overly "look at me") dialogue. Great to see it very often trends as well.

Kind regards

Jackie Kain
@_AllAboutSME #bizitalk Many thanks for your blog about hashtags

AllAboutSME ‏@_AllAboutSME
@BiziShop absolutely more than welcome! The coverage #bizitalk is giving SMBs is priceless! Even supporting on a Saturday afternoon...
Conrad Frankowski ‏@mrfrankowski
@PromptPayer @quickstamp #bizitalk is one of the BEST business ideas ever. Great way to advertise and build connections.
Liz @ Smiley Petz ‏@smileypetz
@PicklelilyC Yes indeed! but i can laugh now... BECAUSE i found #bizitalk , made lots of friends and contacts and it all became simple
Pink Spider ‏@PinkSpiderWeb
@RockandRubble To be honest, you're probably better off sticking with #bizitalk - it's very effective Smile
Stuart Allen ‏@StuartAllenFCMI
Twitters greatest SME/Micro #business hash tag is #bizitalk follow @BiziTrading @BiziShop @bizitweet @PromptPayer @Bizitalk to learn & grow!
United Kingdom Trends
#BlackBerry10 Promoted
Jeremy Kyle

10.30am on 30th January

UK Trending now becoming a habit I see! Ed.
Cosmetronic Beauty ‏@Cosmetronic
We love seeing #Bizitalk is UK trending! Like minded small businesses getting involved in talking to each other, it's great!

Bizitweet ‏@bizitweet
@Cosmetronic #bizitalk Couldn't have summed it up better ourselves guys. Want to be a copywriter on the new site!!
Rachels Creations ‏@RachelsHandmade
Huge Thanks to #Bizitalk . The retweets and follows are wonderful. If your not using #Bizitalk then our advice is to do it now !!!

Rachels Creations ‏@RachelsHandmade
@BiziTrading Only the truth, dont know how you can retweet so much for no reward, #bizitalk is amazing
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