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Ell's Kitchen ‏@Ells__kitchen
Thanks for the RT @nimuesnestgifts. Very kind of you. This #bizitalk thing really does work! Thanks for the follow too. Have a great day.
Christian Lister ‏@SMEambassador
Is #bizitalk a Google ad-revenue slayer? #business #smallbiz #sme #smb #smallbusiness #twitter #google

Interesting take on that Christian. Ed
The Slate Boutique ‏@slateboutique
Wish I could be at the Big #Bizitalk on 3 Nov. They're fab at helping and supporting small businesses #Bizitweet
The Geeky Frenchy ‏@TheGeekyFrenchy
@Bizitalk well done amazing initiative help so many Business to connect through Twitter and more ! #bizitweet #bizitalk #bizRT #Merseybiz
IS Group · 50 like this
31 minutes ago ·
Hi Bizitalk, we think what you're doing is fantastic! I have recently started tweeting the #Bizitalk hashtag and the amount of RT's and followers we have received is great.
Statweestics ‏@statweestics
#bizitalk is getting popular, +1000% the last hour :
RE: Big Birmingham Bizitalk
Thanks again so much for today Adrian, please do also pass on my gratitude to the team there. You all did a great job and a great presentation, and I am grateful for the chance to display on a table too.

Really looking forward to what sounds like a very exciting future. Please do count me in! Always happy to help out in whatever capacity I can.

All the very best,

Deeper Insight
Phone: 0800 054 6980
Twitter: @deeperinsight
rachel gosling ‏@rgtherapyroom
#bizitalk - what a great experience - so many like minded business I didn't know existed - thank you #bizitalk

Irinika Media ‏@irinikamedia
@rgtherapyroom totally agree with your comment. I am amazed at how much more people are following us now #bizitalk
Bizitalk ‏@Bizitalk
Over 10 million #bizitalk messages have gone out to over 2.5 million followers today. That's a lot. Well done smallbiz for shouting so loud.
Eclipse-IPD ‏@tweet_eclipse
@blackwatchents Boom that's the power of #bizitalk - 301. Follow back #rt + support fellow #bizitalk ers that's where the power comes fromSmile
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