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Bizitalk ‏@Bizitalk
You've made it another record day for #bizitalk.. Trending continually for 8 hrs and 20 mins and top of several lists. Fantastic!

48m Cheaper Accountant ‏@CheaperAccounts
The Awesome @Bizitalk has incredible Trending record on Twitter. Get YOUR Business noticed with #bizitalk << a MUST for all small businesses

Bizitalk ‏@Bizitalk
@CheaperAccounts Can't disagree with those words - Over 8 hrs trending today- getting small biz noticed via #bizitalk

You've done an incredible job @Bizitalk ... mega impressed with what you've achieved with #bizitalk

Bizitalk ‏@Bizitalk
@CheaperAccounts That's very kind of you but it's the people that make it - all we have done is open the door! #bizitalk

Cheaper Accountant ‏@CheaperAccounts
@Bizitalk you're right but initiatives like the one you've started are priceless and #bizitalk is genuinely an asset to small businesses.

The last 1,500 #bizitalk tweets generated 5,704,696 impressions to 1,131,821 followers.

You're getting your message out there. Ed
Knight Accountants ‏@KnightAccount
@wellness_sally use the #bizitalk it has really worked wonders for our business.

Nuff said. Ed
AngelsData ‏@AngelsData
In this #bizitalk world, we are more than just small businesses trying to make it big. We're each other's role models, it's a great thing.
Lorraine ‏@babycakegifts
“@bathbombbiz: @babycakegifts if you're not already,try using #bizitalk in your tweets, fab RT/support community”

Clare Coleman ‏@Claryclare
@bathbombbiz @babycakegifts Yep! I'll give #bizitalk top marks any day Smile))
Tony Walker ‏@Solaryorkshire
All SME should follow #Bizitalk Thanks to them we have a new client! #nobrainer
Tony Walker ‏@Solaryorkshire
@bizitweet that's 2 clients through #bizitalk within 6 months. Brilliant Cheers.
David Dunning ‏@daviddunninguk
@Bizitalk @paullangmaidcbe I always say one good tweet deserves another and bizitalk is an important generator of business for me
Darren of Webrem Design @webrem

I have gained a lot of new business by using #bizitalk over the past few months and my followers have increased dramatically.
Mark Randall ‏@MarkLRandall
Own a #Business ? Use #Bizitalk in your Tweets. Hits to my Company's Website is now up x4 since using it. Try it and see what happens......
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