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Smart Ideas ‏@smart_ideas
@bizitweet Thanks very much for the RT #bizitalk is fantastic for promoting businesses and finding people I might not otherwise have found!
ProfileTree ‏@ProfileTree
Could not agree more...loads of love for all involved in #bizitalk :-)RT @Bizitalk @BrightPigSEO It's the people that make it guys!

ProfileTree ‏@ProfileTree
#bizitalk transformed Twitter for us..what else to say,Amazing Peps Here!RT @fitz2kleen2 @Bizitalk @BrightPigSEO
Mint People ‏@mintpeople_jobs
@liveotherwise @PaulLangmaidCBE Yes I've found #bizitalk to be the most helpful community here
Kevin Sheedy
Asil Nadir
Sony Liverpool
Olympic Dam
Nikon Coolpix S800c
Perez Hilton

Trending in second place for most of the day can only be good news for small business. Ed
Webrem Web Design ‏@Webrem_wigan
Quick bit of advice to all new tweeters..forget the bucket loads of hashtags just use #bizitalk , great folk and amazing coverage!
Finding Nemo 2
Asil Nadir
1 A
Broken Sword
Sony Mobile

I see it's trending again in spot number 2 - but we won't get complacent. Ed
Trends · Change
Lance Armstrong
7 Tour de France
Richard III
The Sun

And yet again for 5 days in a row. Seems to be getting a habit. Ed.

1D Land
R.I.P Aaliyah
2-0 Swansea
Maurice Edu
Empire State Building
Lance Armstrong
West Ham

And on the sixth day of trending a hashtag got to 1 - and a partridge in a pear la de la Ed.
Matthew Wilson Fink ‏@MattWilsonFink
@Bizitalk the promo work you're doing for small and medium sized businesses is fantastic. Keep up the great work. #Bizitalk
Bizitalk ‏@Bizitalk
You've made it another record day for #bizitalk.. Trending continually for 8 hrs and 20 mins and top of several lists. Fantastic!

Posted at 6pm Saturday 25th August after a record week of trending and hashtracking statistics.
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