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Ella Riley ‏@EllaRileySweets
I genuinely LOVE that #bizitalk RT for small businesses like us who are just trying to make a living. Thank you guys!

19m Emma Scott ‏@Vetro_Bello
@EllaRileySweets I agree Ella - #bizitalk has got me 500 new followers in three weeks and more sales. Amazing hashtag for small business***

5m Ella Riley ‏@EllaRileySweets
@Vetro_Bello that's exactly what I mean...that's brilliant! #bizitalk - singlehandedly helping us all out of recession?! Lol! ;-) x
NW Design & Displays ‏@nwdesign
A big #FF to everyone on #bizitalk you are doing a fantastic job! Keep up the good work!
Nessie Richards  ‏@nimuesnestgifts
@fitz2kleen2 @keatingpa @profiletree @bubbastuff I love #bizitalk because you have all become such gr8 friends not just acquaintances xx
sean warde ‏@seanwarde
Thanks Twitter and #bizitalk ! Just arranged a meeting to discuss a web site requirement as a result of a tweet!
Sarah Stevenson
Liam Lawrence
Yuvraj Singh
3 US
Antonio Conte
David Rakoff

Trending again at No 2 on Friday 10th August

Still trending 1 hour later!
Lutalo Muhammad
Sarah Stevenson
Yuvraj Singh
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Steven Shepherd ‏@StevenShepherd2
@Bizitalk thanks #bizitalk my favourite twitter friend, the best & essential tool for tweeting
@UK_GD I know @bizitalk but I must admit I keep forgetting to use their hashtag #bizitalk

2m Emma Scott ‏@Vetro_Bello
@HollandScapes @UK_GD @bizitalk We just started using it and got 600 new followers in 3 weeks. We won't forget again!! #bizitalk
12 August
Hashtag #Bizitalk on Twitter

Webrem Web Design

We get many questions from new clients regarding Social Media in particular Twitter.

We had a Twitter account for about 5 years and never really did anything with it, the odd update and retweet but never really "Got it". Somehow (can't remember exactly how) we saw the hashtag #Bizitalk and added it to one of our updates never really expecting anything.

Within around 2 hours our followers had shot up from a static 30 something to around 80, so we took the time to check out #bizitalk and Bizitalkers and hand on heart can say its the best find on Twitter. We now have a following of around 360 (growing daily) but more importantly we have gained some great contacts and are very happy to be part of the Bizitalk community. Very friendly and helpful people on there all with the same goal to promote and grow each other's businesses.

So in short the advice we offer to all new, slightly bemused Twitter folk are the following 3 must do's -

Use #bizitalk with all your Twitter updates
Be yourself and Tweet about everyday stuff not just to promote your business
Retweet others and give thanks for your retweets

Happy Tweeting - Webrem_wigan
Blueprint ‏@YourPrintPortal
We have also gained a lot of followers through #bizitalk thanks guys! RT and follow! Some great offers on, save ££s on print!

Blueprint ‏@YourPrintPortal
We have a shed load of A5 flyers to print tomorrow thanks to #bizitalk - grab yours today 5000 - £75 10,000 - £145!
Teeny Tiny Toy Co ‏@TTWTCltd
@Bizitalk Thanks for your continued support for businesses! What would we all do without #bizitalk !? Thanks guys! Have a great evening :-)
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