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Trena (Fitz2Kleen) ‏@fitz2kleen2
You dont need to fill your text with hashtags... #Bizitalk is the only one you need and it leaves room to promote whatever you promote!
made from marble ‏@madefrommarble
@bizitweet Fantastic! Have followed you back #bizitalk is brilliant. I have met some lovely people through it who are all really supportive
Ben Read ‏@hatchpb
RT @applyingyou: OK if you are in business you need to follow @Bizitalk it's that simple #bizitalk public service announcement
Ed Goodman ‏@edagoodman
I RT, You RT, He/She RT, We RT, You (plural) RT, They RT. Welcome to the wonderful world of #bizitalk (...and a short latin lesson)
Wendy Spencer ‏@hallofnames
For a fab network of trending tweeps check out #bizitalk - spread the word, meet, RT, chat, laugh, network and more Smile #bizitalk
Zoe Roberts ‏@TheSewingCroft
WOW Bizitalkers jumped up my follows more than anyone else! Thanks!!! #bizitalk
Penny Heighes ‏@PennyinLOV
@accountsresourc Hi Claire. Thanks to your mad day of #Bizitalk on my behalf I just took a booking for one of my events! #onahigh x

Claire Georghiades ‏@accountsresourc
@PennyinLOV Fantastic news! So happy! :o) #bizitalk really helps business! #Teddington
Bizitalk ‏@Bizitalk
So we're away all day at mtgs in London and still the stats grow! #bizitalk tweets generated 3,496,124 messages to 933,867 followers today!

Sarah Bartley ‏@Toys_Kids_Love
@Bizitalk Fantastic... thanks so much for what you do for us small businesses - it really helps! #bizitalk
Jenny Buttery ‏@nelliesdesigns
#bizitalk is the only hash tag you need to help your voice be heard on twitter!

Bizitalk ‏@Bizitalk
@nelliesdesigns Well done Jenny - don't think you're wrong there!! #bizitalk

Jenny Buttery ‏@nelliesdesigns
@Bizitalk I truly believe in its power!! #bizitalk
Trena (Fitz2Kleen) ‏@fitz2kleen2
@LondonDIYCentre We always look on #bizitalk now for new suppliers etc , beats yellow pages any day Wink
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