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Full Version: Oakeco Patio Doors
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The team at Oakeco have been involved with the door industry for well over 20 years.

Oakeco has been established to provide high quality and innovative lifestyle products to our customers at affordable prices. The Oakeco brand is synonymous with quality and Oakeco is proud of the products available to our customers and are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction at all times. Oakeco is highly committed to ensuring that the best raw materials and manufacturers are used in the creation and supply of our products. Oakeco is also committed to ensuring that all raw materials used in the manufacture of our products come from well managed and sustainable sources.

Oakeco are also committed to supporting the sustainability of the materials used in our products and offer our customers the opportunity to participate. Please see our ‘plant a tree’ initiative.

The team at Oakeco recognize that our Customers are the custodians of our reputation and as such total satisfaction is of paramount importance.

Oakeco too have just started using the #bizitalk hashtag and have seen a large increase in their followers bringing more leads and sales. They are now helping the #bizitalk team to support and retweet others using the hashtag.
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