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Full Version: Vetro Bello Italian Glass Jewellery
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Vetro Bello has joined forces with some of the most prestigious Italian glass masters to bring the wonder of 'Murano jewellery' to the UK. Every piece is individually hand-made by talented craftsmen in the factories of Murano, a small island situated in the famous Venetian waterways. Using techniques passed down from generation to generation, each piece of this wonderful range is unique.

Vetro Bello has sourced the most distinctive jewellery, from exclusive distributors to create this exquisite range for you and all at very affordable prices. We pride ourselves on first-class customer service, therefore, we are available at all times to respond to any enquiries and purchase requests you may have, be that via email or a friendly phone call.

Vetro Bello started using the #bizitalk hashtag and in just four weeks collected 1,000 new followers and gained more sales. Emma has now offered to help the Bizitalk team in promoting those businesses using #bizitalk and is proving to be a very proficient retweeter! And have you seen the cuff links!
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